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This is the Nova Web Development Wiki that we will use to save tutorials and other help pages like development and deployment recipes.

First we must learn how to develop right in the first place. For starters, we'll get to know some important acronyms:

We'll organize our help pages into a table (using

Django Web Align Right
Django Help Pages jQuery Help Pages 500.00
Djentle Django 2013 CSS Help Pages 1.00

Yet to be moved to table:

Bottle Help Pages

Twitter Bootstrap Help Pages

Node.js Help Pages

SQL Help Pages

Python Help Pages

CSS Help Pages

Git Help Pages

Security Help Pages

Functional Programming Help Pages

REST Help Pages

Help Pages

Alan Elkner Help Pages

Chris Hedrick Help Pages

Kevin Cole Help Pages

Alex Hirschberg's website - Alex is an both an avid blogger and a serious student of best practices. His recent posts on Firefox OS development are well worth reading.

We'll save a link to the Old Main Page from the install here at the bottom for now.

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